Telephone & Email Orders

This is a list of the most popular items asked for by customers on their orders.  It’s by no means everything we have available in the farm shop – if there is any other product you need, just ask the person taking your order and they can advise on availability, price, sizes etc.

A full explanation of how the ordering system operates is shown on the first page you see when you come onto the website headed Our Covid-19 Update.  Our Telephone Order Line is open Monday to Saturday from 09:30 to 3:30 or you can send an order via e-mail to or through the contact section of the website.  As the phone can be engaged at busy times, we can also call you back if you send a Callback Request to

To help our ordering team it would be great if you could prepare a list in advance before you call – it just helps speed the process up.


Home Baking:

Scones (Fruit and Cheese)           65p each or 4 for £2.40

Home made Cakes (Various)      £6.95

Bakewell Tarts                              £4.50

Individual Apple Pies                  £1.49

Other Cakes (various types)      from £4.99 to £5.99

Locally Baked Biscuits (wide range)        from £1.79

We also stock a range of frozen sponge puddings and deserts from £3.79 

Locally Baked Bread

White and wholemeal rolls        £0.35 each

 Small white farmhouse loaf     £1.49

Small Wholemeal Loaf               £1.45

 Multi-seed loaf                           £1.49

Large Whoelmeal Loaf              £2.25

Our Own Cooked Meats & Deli

Ham (med sliced, per 100g)                       £1.67

Pork (med sliced, per 100g)                       £1.45

Beef (med sliced, per 100g)                       £1.72

Homemade Quiche (slice veg or meat)   £1.99

Homemade Coleslaw (per 300g)              £1.80

Homemade Cheese Savoury (per 300g)  £1.95

Homemade Pease Pudding (per 200g)    £1.28

Baked Family Pies (various deep large)   £9.95

Individual Baked Pies (various deep)       £2.95

Flour & Baking (subject to availability)

Strong White 1kg (Heatherslaw)               £2.59

Strong Wholemeal 1.5kg  (Heatherslaw) £2.69

Self-Raising 1.5kg                                        £1.69

Plain White 1.5kg                                        £1.69

Granulated Sugar 1kg                                £1.49

Icing Sugar 3kg                                            £7.99

Caster Sugar 2kg                                         £4.89

Eggs from Matfen (1/2 Doz Large)           £1.75

Other Items

Local Preserves (various)                        from £2.99

Local Honey (various)                              from £3.89

Hand Fried Crisps (various) 40g/150g     79p/£1.99

Local Chutneys (various)                        from £2.99

Home made Soups (various)                           £1.95

Rice 500g                                                            £1.10

Pasta Penne 500g                                             £1.10

Pasta Spaghetti 500g                                       £1.99

Wide range of pasta sauces, canned tomatoes, pesto etc also available


Local Kippers (per pair)                         from £5.50                  

We also stock a wide range of frozen fish – just some examples below

Luxury Fish Pie (frozen)                                 £4.29

Salmon Wellington (pack of 2)                     £4.29


Pumphreys Ground Coffee (250g)              £4.99

Northumberland Tea (80 bags)                   £3.20

Local Beers

(Muckle, Wylam, Tyneside etc)          from £2.79

Wines (wide range)                                       £7.49 – £8.99



Local Milk from Slaley

Whole, semi skimmed or skimmed available

500ml (Pint)                                                 £0.55

1 Litre (2 pint)                                              £0.95

2 Litre (4 pint)                                              £1.69

Double Cream (250ml)                              £1.40

Single Cream (250ml)                                £1.25

Fruit Yoghurts (various)                            £0.55

Salted & Unsalted Butter                         £2.20

Doddington Ice-cream (various)

Large (1 litre)                                             £7.20

Medium (500ml)                                       £4.39

Individual Pots                                          £1.59

Northumberland Cheeses (various, 115g wedge)            £3.29 – £3.69

Doddington Cheeses (various, per 115g wedge)              £2.45

Cheddar standard (various sizes, 250g wedge)                £2.45



Handmade Sausages (various types)      £7.75kg

Beef/Pork/Lamb Burgers                          £7.95/kg

Beef Mince Steak                                       £7.95/kg

Casserole Steak                                         £9.95/kg

Casserole Lamb                                         £13.45/kg

Rump Steak                                                £15.25/kg

Sirloin Steak                                               £26.96/kg

Ribeye Steak                                              £25.95/kg

Fillet Steak                                                  £42.95/kg

Topside Joints                                            £12.75/kg

Pork Leg Joint                                            £8.20/kg

Legs Lamb                                                 £12.95/kg

Lamb Shoulder (Boneless)                     £10.75/kg

Pork Chops                                               £7.50/kg

Lamb Loin Chops                                    £16.25/kg

Belly Pork                                                 £6.80/kg

Black Pudding/Haggis                            £4.45/kg


Chicken Fillets (English large)             £7.80/kg

Whole Chickens (Barn Reared           from £6.00 each

Home Cured Bacon                             £11.75/kg

Home Cured Gammons                     £8.95/kg



Bananas                                                      £2.59/kg

Eating Apples (Red Del. Braeburn)         £2.50/kg

Bramley Cooking Apples                          £3.50/kg

Large Oranges                                           £.80 each

Mandarin/Satsumas                                 £0.55 each

Pears                                                           £2.75/kg

Grapes (500g punnet)                              £2.99

Strawberries (450g punnet)                    £3.99

Raspberries (150g punnet)                     £1.99

Blueberries (150g punnet)                      £2.20

English Rhubarb                                       £6.00/kg

Plums                                                        £4.99/kg


Potatoes (General Ware)                       £1.45/kg

New Potatoes                                         £2.50/kg

Sweet Potatoes                                      £3.70/kg

10kg Sack Potatoes                               £7.75 sack

4 pack Baking Potatoes                        £1.65 pack

Cauliflower                                             £2.49 each

Sweetheart Cabbage                            £1.99 each

Savoy Cabbage                                      £1.99 each

Carrots                                                   £1.69/kg

Parsnips                                                 £3.99/kg

Onions                                                   £1.70/kg

Green Beans                                         £2.20 pack

Sugar Snap Peas                                  £2.20 pack

Celery                                                    £1.60 head

Spring Onions                                      £0.99 bunch

Courgettes                                            £4.75/kg

Sweet Peppers (Mixed Colours)        £0.99 each

Mushrooms                                          £4.99/kg

Aubergines                                           £1.85 each

Beetroot (fresh bunched)                  £1.69 each

Broccoli                                                 £4.50/kg

Local Leeks                                           £3.99/kg

English Asparagus                               £3.99 bunch

Fresh Herbs (various)                         £1.25 pack