The Farm

Our farms are located about 4 miles from the farm shop at High Weetslade and High Barns. They are very typical mixed farms for Northumberland with arable, beef and sheep – we are also one of the few pig producers in the area.  Victoria’s family have farmed in this area for generations – that’s years of experience going into producing the very best livestock for the farm shop.  Our cattle (mainly Limousin and Charolais with some Aberdeen Angus) and sheep breeds (North Country Mule Ewes with Texel or Beltex rams) are chosen to suit the local conditions as well as to produce top quality carcasses for the butchery.

Our arable crops extend to around 500 acres – that’s plenty of cereals to help feed the cattle and sheep over the winter.  We mill and mix all our own livestock feed – that way we know exactly what they are eating.  The 400 acres of grass is for grazing and for making silage for winter feed.  Much is made these days of the term “sustainability” – to us it’s just common sense based on years of experience, using proper crop rotation to maintain soil quality and using all the manure from the wintered animals to improve fertility.  

Our pigs are brought in as young weaners which we then grow on until they are ready for the shop.  With 50% Duroc breeding, they suit the high welfare straw based system we run perfectly, being robust and with great meat quality.  

The farm shop really brings us close to what our customers want and we have constantly evolved the farming enterprises to suit.  Many of you will have been closer to our livestock than you realise – the herd of cattle grazing on the Town Moor in Newcastle are ours – some of them will eventually end up at the farm shop.  

There isn’t enough space here to tell you everything but remember there are regular updates on what’s going on at the farm through the newsletter or via our Facebook page.

Our awards

Over the years we have been recognised for the quality of our produce and our commitment to own and local sourcing by many organisations.  These are just some of the awards we have won.


National Great Taste Gold Medals (LOGO) – national awards with over 9000 entries every year from the best producers in the UK

2010 – Steak Pie & Dry Cure bacon

2011 – Hand made Northumberland Sausage

2012 – Own farm Sirloin

2013 – Own farm Beef Brisket


Farm Retail Association On Farm Butchery of the Year 2009

National Sausage Awards – Regional Winner 2013 Pork & Black Pepper Sausage

North-East Business Awards 2011 – Best Local Producer

Countryside Alliance Awards – Regional Finalist 2010, 2011

Daily Telegraph – UK Top 20 Farm Shops listing

Daily Mail – UK Top 10 Farm Shops – Regional Winner